AuthorDmitry Degtyarev
Made withOpenFL
TagsAliens, Life Simulation
Average sessionA few minutes


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There should be a restart if everything dies. Will there be updates to this game?

I think there's a bug. Info doesn't do anything when I click on it.


It's just a UI element, you get info by clicking on stuff on the map.

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Oh I totally do! I knew I saw info being displayed there the first time I played so when I came back for another round and there was nothing there I got confused.

I had thought I had clicked on Data the first time through but I had also had a couple beers. Oh well, I had better play again to make sure it definitely works. :D

Edit: Here's my current map, just because I'm having way too much fun with this:

  1. Helps a species by killing all nearby species
  2. Species loses faith in me
  3. Kills every single one of them slowly
Cool game, no idea what's going on

bug report: Udpu has turned into these cross shapes and has gone extinct though still living, when i fuse them with something they transform into an upside down T. Please fix it

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You shouldn't fuse children with their parents or siblings.

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Fixed it. Thank you so much for letting me know!